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Article – TRADOC PME Investigation Paper No 3: ‘Does Army Need Better Educated Soldiers?’


Click on the link to quickly download ‘Does Army Need Better Educated Soldiers?‘.

HQ FORCOMD is continuing with the work required to re-energise Professional Military Education (or ‘PME’) in response to the Australian Army’s 2016 Ryan Review. In particular, the PME Cell is working hard to develop a future strategy for PME in Army.

In order for this strategy to be done right, the PME Cell needs your views.  So, they are publishing a series of ‘PME Investigation Papers’.  Their research team are diving deep into facets of the profession of arms, casting a wide net for influences and opinions that will better prepare Army for the future.

The first paper looked at ‘The Development of Professionals’, and the second at ‘National Styles of Professional Military Education’The Cove is proud to present the third of these papers.  In her article entitled ‘Does Army Need Better Educated Soldiers?‘, Claire Von Wald investigates what Army will need from its soldiers in the future, and how important education is in meeting that need.

She looks at the future operating environment, and the effects it will have on the intellectual skills and knowledge required by our soldiers. She then outlines what Army can do to develop soldiers who meet these enhanced requirements.

Do you agree that Australian Army soldiers will need better education in the future? What ideas do you have for delivering this education?

The PME Strategy will have implications across Army, so we would also love to hear what else you think we should investigate. We have an unrivalled, connected capacity to ‘crowdsource’ the future … so use your voice and hit ‘contribute’.


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One thought on “Article – TRADOC PME Investigation Paper No 3: ‘Does Army Need Better Educated Soldiers?’

  1. Interesting article and interesting question. In the case of medics, I would say the answer is absolutely. Their job entails a unique blend of ‘doing’ and thinking, requiring judgement and experience to guide decisions in uncertain circumstances. In the civilian health care sector paramedics require a degree as the entry level quaIfication with a graduate year of supervised practice prior to independent practice. Further study is then required in order to start making primary health care decisions. In this respect Army is lagging well behind the industry standard.

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